This is Poulshot
This is Poulshot

Out and About

On these pages we aim to give you lots of information to help you get out and about - and if you are planning to visit us, lots of hints and tips to make your visit memorable!

So, where are we?

For SatNav users that follow postcodes SN10 1RW will place you in the centre of the village. If you prefer street names, Poulshot Road, Poulshot will provide the same result.


You can find the same location on OS Maps at grid ST 970 600 GB Grid or at:  51.3390N, 2.0440

Reproduced with permission of Ordnance Survey

Rights of way

A Right of Way is not, strictly speaking, a path but is a right possessed by the public to pass along linear routes over land at all times. Although the land may be owned by a private individual, the public may still gain access across that land along a specific route. Rights of Way have 4 different classifications according to who has the right to use them.

 Footpath: a right of way on foot only;


Bridleway: a right of way on foot, horseback and leading a horse, with the right for bicyclists providing they give way to other users. There may or may not be a right to drive stock along the bridleway;

Byway open to all traffic: rights of way that are used for the purposes that footpaths and bridleways are used, but on which there is a right of way for all traffic, including mechanically propelled vehicles that are road legal;

Restricted Byway: a new category created by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 to replace Roads Used as Public Paths (RUPPs), allowing access for all traffic except mechanically propelled vehicles (typically trail bikes and 4x4s).

Please note: there is no "Access Land" (as defined by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act, 2000) over which there would otherwise be a 'right to roam', in this parish. Therefore, please remain on defined rights of way when crossing private land, including farmland, and refer to maps or websites for directions.


You can report a problem with a Right of Way, such as fallen trees, or dangerous conditions to Wiltshire Council on their website - click here for an online service. For informal advice or support you could contact us.


The Parish Council acts as a local custodian of rights of way, particularly footpaths. The Council keeps itself briefed on local conditions, and reports problems it cannot resolve locally to the Rights of Way Officer at Wiltshire Council. Voluntary effort is sought from time to time to tidy up paths and vegetation, supported by a small budget for materials.


The owners of land or property adjacent to rights of way, or land over which those rights exist, are asked to maintain hedgerows and other vegetation in such a way as to permit passage along paths and bridleways. The Parish Council does monitor conditions and will contact responsible persons if found necessary, seeking support from Wiltshire Council on those rare occasions where further action is required.


Click here for an interactive map, updated monthly and showing numbered rights of way designations, and here for more information on rights of way generally (including their maintenance).

Further information

You can download (below) a leaflet that explains what you need to know about Rights of Way in this parish, how they are maintained, and what you can do to protect and enhance them - whether you are a landowner or tenant, or a user. If you would like this download in any other format please contact us. This leaflet is to be delivered free to every household in the parish.

Rights and Responsibilities Leaflet
Adobe Acrobat document [356.6 KB]

Please follow the Countryside Code - click the image to download the Code, updated in 2012.


Dog owners - please keep your animals under control, and keep a bag handy for the inevitable! (and take it home!)

Horse riders- please keep to the bridleways and byways, and not use footpaths;

4x4 drivers and motorbikers - please keep to the correct type of byway, and expect to come across horseriders and walkers.

Dog owners - please keep your animals under control, and keep a bag handy for the inevitable! (and take it home!)


This map shows the rights of way across our parish.

 Purple:  Footpath

 Green:  Bridleway

 Brown:  Byway

You can access a larger interactive map here - insert 'Poulshot' in the search box when asked, or download a copy of the Definitive Map below:

Public Rights of Way in Poulshot. Last Change September 2009
JPG image [297.4 KB]

You can access Ordnance Survey maps for the locality here or 'bing' multi-maps here.

Food and drink

And when you return you may like to call in at The Raven pub in the centre of the village - see their website here.

Local News

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Local Weather

Tuesday - 22:00 GMT: Thick Cloud, 3°C (37°F) (Tue, 16 Jan 2018)
Temperature: 3°C (37°F), Wind Direction: Westerly, Wind Speed: 15mph, Humidity: 75%, Pressure: 996mb, Rising, Visibility: N/A
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