This is Poulshot
This is Poulshot

Committees and meetings



The PCC is supported in its work by specific PCC members.


Finance                           -   Leader, Nicholas Hunloke


The Church Fabric         -   Leaders, Brian Arnold (Inside) Nicholas Hunloke (Outside)


Social and Fundraising  -   Leader, Joyce Arnold     





Annual Parochial Church Meeting  -     April


Parochial Church Council                  -    Bi - Monthly


Churchwardens                                 -    Members – Joyce Arnold, Kate Amery


Benefice                                               -    Member – Joyce Arnold


Cluster                                                  -    Members - Kate Hunloke, Angela Bullen


Deanery Synod                                    -    Members – Joyce Arnold, Dankay Cleverly


Wednesday Discussion Group          -    Monthly ( Open Meeting )

Local News

Emile Cilliers trial: Parachute 'sabotage' possible in five minutes (Wed, 18 Oct 2017)
Army sergeant Emile Cilliers denies attempting to kill his wife by tampering with her parachute.
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Local Weather

Wednesday - 20:00 BST: Thick Cloud, 11°C (52°F) (Wed, 18 Oct 2017)
Temperature: 11°C (52°F), Wind Direction: North Easterly, Wind Speed: 1mph, Humidity: 100%, Pressure: 1010mb, Rising, Visibility: N/A
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