This is Poulshot
This is Poulshot

Poulshot Community Fund

A solar park has been developed at Poulshot Lodge Farm. The developer has provided the community with a substantial sum of money, to be managed by the community for its long-term benefit. You can find out more about the solar park itself here.


The Parish Council has established a working group called the Community Fund Panel, made up of Councillors and members of the community. The Panel meets every other month, considers applications and other issues and recommends to the Council how the Fund should be allocated, and encourages ideas for projects to come forward.


You can see its membership, how it works (that is, the Terms of Reference), how to apply for funds, and its decisions and recommendations to the Parish Council below.


The Poulshot Community Fund (PCF) Panel has started to receive and consider proposals for grant applications, which they will consdier and pass to the Parish council with recommendations for approval. All residents of the parish can make application for grants fromt he community fund if the project or plan witll benefit the Coiulshote community. The  application form and guidance is available below or from any of the community fund panel members.

Applicants should submit completed Application Forms to a panel member at least two weeks before the Panels bi-monthlyu meeting. Panel members will review and discuss applications, dcideing whether or not to recomment an application to the PArish Council. Panel meetings are open to the public and applications are enoucouraged to attend and provide further detail and answer any quetsions about their proposal. 

Research and detailed planning for such projects takes time and effort, so please dont rush, the fund is for the longer term and the money will not be spent all at once.

Please advise any panel member if you are preparing an application, they can provide help and advice if needed.

The next meeting of the panel is Thursday September 1st at 7.30 pm in our village hall. Please get in touch with a panel member for more information.

Applying to the Fund

The Community Fund Panel invites residents of Poulshot village to submit proposals (on the Community Fund Application Form) as to how some, or all, of the money donated to Poulshot should be used. The Panel will assess these applications and will make appropriate recommendations to the Parish Council.

In making an application it is important that the project to be considered will be beneficial to this Community (defined by the borders of Poulshot Parish). Please complete the APPLICATION FORM appropriately. (Any members of the Fund Panel will be happy to give assistance to applicants in completing the application - please see contact details).

The Community Fund Panel hope you will be prepared to attend a Panel meeting so that matters may be clarified and you may be asked for further information. Your application will also be available for public scrutiny and comment.

Completed Applications should be delivered to a member of the Community Fund Panel who will take it to the next appropriate meeting of the Panel.

Application form for the Community Fund is below:

Community Fund Application form
Community Fund Application Form.doc
Microsoft Word document [58.5 KB]
Community Fund Guidelines
Poulshot Community Fund Guidelines.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [307.3 KB]


The Panel has 11 members. They are:


Cllr Tim Jalland (Temporary Chair)  and [Unfilled At Present]                            

Jon Martin                                                 Malcolm Nixon                   Jayne McCleod                           [Unfilled At Present]                              Giles Morgan                      Nicky Baber                               Gill Coleman                                             M-G Brothers                     Sandra Jackson


If you would like to contact the Panel please email Clerk to the Council.

Terms of Reference

This document sets out how the Panel will be established and operate, promoting the values of accountability, transparency, and inclusivity through participation and good governance.


Community Fund Terms of Reference (v6.1)
CFP Terms of Reference v6-1 Final 2017-N[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [45.5 KB]

Minutes (for meetings dates, see Parish Public Notices)

It is very important that the work of the Panel is made available for everyone to see. The minutes of meetings will be published here, including those that are in draft (but please do not rely on these, as they will only become formal once agreed at the next meeting of the Panel).

2017-February Minutes (DRAFT)
2017 February Minutes (Draft).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [79.9 KB]
2016-October Minutes (FINAL)
2016-10-06 Minutes Final.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [73.4 KB]
2016-September Minutes (FINAL)
2016-09-01 Minutes.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [75.4 KB]
2016-June Minutes (FINAL)
2016-06-29 Minutes.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [35.4 KB]
2016-April Minutes (FINAL)
PCF Minutes 13 Apr 16.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [36.6 KB]
2015-December Minutes (FINAL)
Poulshot Community Fund Panel Minutes De[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [22.8 KB]
2015-October Minutes (FINAL)
Poulshot Community Fund Panel Minutes Oc[...]
Microsoft Word document [15.8 KB]
2014-December Minutes (FINAL)
Adobe Acrobat document [292.9 KB]

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