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Openreach and WCC have confirmed that fibre broadband will be supplied to the southern end of the village by using a conduit placed under the village green, and under the main road. At the moment two of the three poles erected on the green will be removed. The last is subject to further negotiation, however this will not hold up the project in any way. No other poles are envisaged throughout the village except to replace two poles that are in poor condition, that will be a like for like replacement and the old poles will be removed.

Much of the work south of Barleyfields has been completed, and it has been confirmed that Mill Farm is included, albeit in a slightly different way.


The project will not be complete until the end of October, a delay caused by the need to close the main road for one week. This closure will be between the village hall car park and just south of Barleyfields. This closure is necessary because the cable cannot be placed on the existing poles in that area because of the ancient tree crowns. It would require the felling or lopping of those well-established trees.


It is envisaged that at the end of October ALL properties in the village will be covered by high speed broadband, those in the south having the luxury of fibre speeds. However you will not get it automatically, it is up to the residents to apply to their ISP for the upgrade in their premises, in some cases you might have to shop around to find a supplier who is willing to supply you. In the case of Mill Farm, there may have to be a special arrangement and help will be available nearer the time. In the case of those at the northern and central part of the village, if you don’t have high speed and you want it, it is available, contact your ISP now. In the case of the southern part you will have to wait until the end of October and then you will have to apply to your ISP, remember that a fibre installation will involve Openreach having to put in additional equipment to your premises.


If you have any questions or want to make any points please contact your Parish Council. Further updates will be provided as the Parish Council gets them.

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