This is Poulshot
This is Poulshot

Project: Footpaths

A footpath round the village


You might remember from previous articles in the parish magazine that the Village Trust has been working closely with Wiltshire Council to make some of the village footpaths more accessible.


We’re delighted to be able to report that, as a result of our endeavours, we’ve now got a walk right round the village that doesn’t involve clambering over any stiles.


In broad terms the route runs from Penning Lane (the bridleway by the side of the Green Gardens) across Joe Baber’s field, behind Dukes Farm, behind the Old Rectory and curves round to meet the main road by Barleyfields. If you then walk down Poulshot Road towards Townsend Farm you’ll see on the right hand side the new gate to the footpath that heads in the direction of Broadway Lane, through Major Bartholomew’s fields and meets Broad Lane at the corner of the Village Green. The second part of the route to the west of the village has required 5 new gates and 2 small bridges to make the paths accessible.


We are very grateful to the landowners, the Council, Community Payback and to West Wilts Ramblers for helping us to achieve this significant goal that we set ourselves several years ago.


To find out more, or get involved in future projects like this, contact:


Ray Josey     01380 827010

Tim Coleman  01380 827095




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