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This is Poulshot

Project: The Ponds


The Green in Poulshot is reputedly the largest in Wiltshire. Up until the middle of the last century there were at least seven ponds on The Green itself for watering the cows, geese, ducks, goats, horses and ponies, put out to graze there by the villagers with common rights. As times changed, the animals disappeared from The Green and the unused ponds were eventually filled in. Only one pond on The Green survived.


Names and locations of the ponds




The three main ponds in Poulshot given full-scale restoration in 2010 are all in the village Conservation Area and are in view of passers-by:



Middle Green Pond to the west of The Green is adjacent to the part of The Green designated for recreation. The rare and protected Great Crested Newts are present and breeding in this pond;

Green Lane Pond at the southwest corner of The Green is a bridleway much used by local people and visitors;


Plank’s Pond next to Manor Farm is on Poulshot Road – the village’s main road used by local people, visitors and as a through route to other villages.  



If you would like to know more please contact the Ponds Project Coordinator Dankay Cleverly on 01380 827242 for further details.                            

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