This is Poulshot
This is Poulshot

Project: Wild flowers meadow

The Trust thought it would be a great idea to plant a "trial" flower meadow on the Village Green.

The idea was presented at the November 2013 Parish Council meeting and a provisional site on the Green was identified and agreed. The site we’ve chosen is a small triangular area approx. 20m by 20m adjacent to the main road.

The flower meadow mix we’ve selected includes a "bee" friendly mixture shortlisted by the RHS for product of the year in 2012. It includes 27 annual and perennial flower species and no grasses.

Due to bad weather work couldn’t start until this autumn (2014) when the area was sprayed to kill off all the existing grasses and weeds. The site was then rotavated and the seeds have now been planted and we are looking forward to seeing a profusion of colour in the spring.

Thanks to the  Link2Nature partnership (of which Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is part) for helping us with a grant and to Paul Jupp of “Meadow in my Garden” for his help and advice on site/soil suitability and on choosing appropriate seed mixes.

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