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This is Poulshot

Recent Pond Clearance Project

Restoration work was undertaken on Middle Green Pond on the 8th and 9th January 2016, to control the growth of New Zealand Pygmyweed. The plant is highly invasive and out – competes the native plants on the margins of, and in the shallow standing water on the east side of the pond.


A generous grant of £997 was awarded by the Melksham Area Board, to enable us to undertake this Project and prevent further spread of the plant. 


Manual control method was used to clear the vegetation and pull out the invasive plant out of the pond, by hand and with a rake. Disposal of the plant was carried out by Hill Waste Solutions, licensed to deal with invasive plant species. An annual control action plan will be developed and implemented.


We are grateful to the ten volunteers from the Village Trust and the local community, for their help, support and dedication with all aspects of the restoration work. It would not have been possible to undertake the work without their unflagging contribution. The working party was successfully led by Ray Josey, which was enjoyable and great fun working together.


A special thank you to Alan Webber for providing us with a much welcomed coffee and biscuits and Pam Gillies for the hot and tasty soups and bread rolls – much appreciated. We achieved all our goals and much more. The Project will provide social benefits to the local community and visitors, improve biodiversity and enhance the enjoyment of the whole environment.


For further information please contact: 

Dankay Cleverly, Pond Project Coordinator –

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