Clerk to Council: Richard Culverhouse

Website:           http://www.poulshot.org.uk/parish-council/
Email:               poulshotparishcouncil@gmail.com

Telephone:        01225 777606 or 07785 547176


97 Heather Shaw



BA14 7JT


Parish Council Meeting


The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 5th January 2021 at 7.30pm


This will be a virtual meeting using Zoom. The meeting will be held in line with WALC’s Protocol for Remote Meetings.


The press and the public are invited to attend.  The joining instructions are as follows:




Meeting ID: 362 837 4062                 Passcode: 252714


To join by telephone dial either of these numbers:

 0203 481 5240,   0203 901 7895,   0131 460 1196,   0203 051 2874 or  0203 481 5237


Public Comment. No decisions or arrangements will be made on items raised in this section unless the issue is listed on this Agenda. You will be allowed a maximum of 3 minutes. MAXIMUM 15 MINUTES ALLOWED IN TOTAL



1.              Apologies


2.              Declaration of Interest


3.              Approve the minutes of the meetings of 3rd November 2020, 17th November 2020, 27th November  and 8th December 2020


4.              Chairman’s comments


5.              Cllr Jonathan Seed – Wiltshire Council


6.              Code of Conduct complaint CoC127052- Cllr Hamilton


7.              Planning Matters

a.        Stud – Hay Lane

-          Update on actions taken to counter breeches/non compliance with planning conditions at the Welsh Stud, Hay Lane, further to letter from J Hawkins

8.              Highways

-          Update on a possible new pavement from the Church to Townsend Farmhouse. 


9.              Poulshot Community Fund

Investments – Update


10.          Financial Matters

To receive and note the Bank reconciliation at 31.12.20

Update on VAT claim

To agree renewal length of Domain name – 1 year - £6.99 up to 9 years - £50.99

To receive a budget for 2021/22 and agree the precept for 2021/2022.

To agree to pay the former Clerk’s unpaid wages and payments - £454.32

To agree to pay the former Clerk for loss of earnings and statutory rights - £1735


11.          Bank Accounts/Banking matters

Update from the clerk




12.          Village Green

a/  Trees – Replacements for the blue cedar and lime. Proposal: That Poulshot Village Trust are asked to propose location, species and cost, and report to Parish Council at March Meeting.

b/  Track to southern end (Broad Lane) – condition, work to be carried out, responsibility for work.

c/  Benches



13.          Disbursements since last meeting

Charlton Baker                                     £37.50

G.A Groundcare Ltd                            £720.00 

Clerk’s salary (Sept)                             £166.41

Clerk’s salary (Oct)                               £166.41

HMRC                                                     £50.00

Halloween expenses (Running Imp) £9.00

Clerk’s salary (Nov)                              £166.41

Wiltshire Countryside Services         £4470

R.L. Dark                                                                £201.60

PEGgies donations                               £251.60



14.          Correspondence and circulars received


15.          Items of maintenance

-          Repair of gate posts to Green Gardens


16.          Key messages


17.          Motion - To close the meeting for staffing and legal


18.          Next meeting –Tuesday 1st March 2021 at 7.30pm


Richard Culverhouse


Richard Culverhouse

Clerk to Poulshot Parish Council

29th December 2020