Poulshot Parish Council

Parish Council Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the Meeting of Poulshot Parish Council

Held in Village Hall on Tuesday September 8th 2021


Present: Nina Jeffries, Dan Scott, Liz Bissett (Chair), Clare Church, Tim Hues, County Councillor Tamara Reay, Richard Culverhouse (Clerk) and 4 members of the public


Raised by members of the public.

Thanks for refund of payment made to Padfield Porkies (this credit with Padfield Porkies will now be used for the Queen’s jubilee celebrations in 2022.

Question whether Cllr Nichols is moving to Spain – no, she is not.


21/22 – 61       Apologies

                        Cllr Davis, Cllr Nichols


21/22 – 62       Declarations of Interest

                        Cllr Hues re 21/22 - 66

                        Cllr Scott re 21/22 - 68


21/22 – 63       Approval of minutes.

Minutes for July 20th and August 24th (subject to the removal of the names of the members of the public): agreed.

Minutes for June 22nd to be reviewed and brought to next meeting for approval.


21/22 – 64       Chair’s Comments

                        Risk assessment for Peggies strawberries and Pimms event 12th September agreed.

                        Someone from the PPC will attend the Village Trust event on 26th September in the Village Hall.

                        Fete went well.


21/22 – 65       Wiltshire Cllr Tamara Reay discussed

·         Devizes Area Board Meeting

·         Highways Maintenance Officer Presentation

·         WCC consultation on Climate Change strategy - Cllr Reay is the WCC portfolio holder for climate change strategy, the Green and Blue infrastructure strategy, which covers waterways, leisure, conservation and generally how to address climate change. WCC have declared a climate emergency, with the ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030. The PPC and residents were urged to contribute to the strategy with their thoughts and ideas.

·         Development of cycle ways in / from Poulshot - as part of this work, Cllr Reay had recently accompanied a group of cyclists who are looking to develop a cycle way from Poulshot to Devizes. This is obviously quite a long term project as they identify possible routes and needs for development etc.

·         Damage to canal bridge at Foxhangers - a member of the public asked Cllr Reay about damage to the canal bridge at Foxhangers – apparently at times you could be forgiven for thinking you are going through the canal rather than over it as it is regularly flooded – and was advised to contact Wessex Water or log onto MyWiltshire to report.  There was some discussion suggesting that the various bodies (public rather than human) involved in this can’t agree who should do what when, and there is a problem with a telegraph pole being in the way. Cllr Reay is also following this up.

Cllr Reay’s contribution ended with an appreciation from the PPC for joining the clearly quite challenging cycle ride to look at possible cycle routes. There was clearly a lot of mud, sweat, but hopefully no tears.


21/22 – 66       Planning matters

PL/2021/06637 – 11 Barley Hill Lane – a resident had written to share their concern re overlooking windows in the development of an annexe at 11 Barley Hill Lane. The residents of 11 Barley Hill Lane were at the meeting, and there was an amicable discussion, reflecting on the small size of the development and the potential for the windows to be on the other side, thus not overlooking the home of the correspondent. The PPC offered no objection to the application as a whole, but requested the applicant consult with their architect re windows. Proposed by Cllr Bissett, seconded by Cllr Scott; all agreed.

PL/2021/07123 - Aspiro, 46 The Green: no objections or comments received. Proposed accepted by Cllr Jeffries, seconded by Cllr Church; all agreed.

PL/2021.07759 - Lift at Townsend Farmhouse: Proposed accepted by Cllr Bissett, seconded Cllr Hues; all agreed.

PL/2021/-7957Poulshot Lodge Farm – Cllr Hues left the meeting, due a conflict of interest as the PPC discussed the Poulshot Lodge Farm application to change a building from light agricultural use to light industrial. This is so the buildings can be developed as a distillery. A brief discussion focussed on the fact that there will be no external changes, only internal and there were no objections to the application. Cllr Scott proposed support the application, Cllr Church seconded CC; all agreed. Cllr Hues returned to the meeting.


21/22 – 67       Update on Stud at Hay Lane: The Stud at Hay Lane came up for discussion yet again, on concerns which go back some years. Cllr Scott has been looking into this for the PPC. He reported that what is now in place is not what was first agreed, and the 2019 updated application was given with conditions which have yet to be met. The PPC will continue looking into this, and will report to planning officers on this ongoing lack of compliance and request follow up. The Clerk asked WCC Cllr Reay if the planning enforcement team at WCC was back in action for site visits, which Cllr Reay didn’t know, and suggested the PPC continue local investigations. A member of the public queried why the omission of solar panels, replaced with a diesel generator, had been allowed; the planning officer’s statement apparently includes an explanation as to why this was so. Cllr Scott will continue to follow up on this matter, and the PPC will report to planning officers and request follow up.


21/22 – 68       Higher Green Farm development update. Chair Cllr Bissett LB read a statement from the PPC: The present Parish Council inherited a situation which, having investigated, we collectively agree is a poor deal for the village. The proposed exchange of land won’t leave the village with ideal access to the recreation land. However, on legal advice, we are left with no choice but to sign the contract or face legal litigation and its associated costs.


Cllr Hues further noted that the approving of the Higher Green Farm development had been inherited by the current, completely new, PPC, and all had felt it important to research the history so that the PPC could fully understand all the implications. He continued, noting that all members of the PPC are keen on the development in the village, and welcome new housing for the village. However, Cllr Hues noted, the current PPC have significant concerns that the exchange of the field / recreation area for the strip of Village Green linking the development to Poulshot Road was not a good deal for the village; the only planning permission thus far that the field / potential recreation area has is for there to be a grass track, and this itself is problematic as it was laid with hardcore in 2019. In effect, said Cllr Hues, the village now owns a piece of land without planning permission, but with responsibility for maintaining it, which will incur costs. However, all Councillors hope to work effectively and positively with the developers in the new development, and ensure the best possible outcome for the village community.


The developer, Ivor Sault, was at the meeting and the Chair invited him to comment. Mr Sault expressed his unhappiness at the length of time it had taken to resolve all the issues. The PPC noted that they would prefer vehicular access to the field / potential recreation area to be through the new housing development, and also referred to some outstanding fees incurred by the PPC which they would like to be paid by the developer; Mr Sault said neither of these things would be possible. He further noted that he too would have preferred to leave the access to the field area (from Sillington Lane) to grass. Mr Sault told the meeting that he had put in a Freedom of Information Request regarding PPC correspondence on the Higher Green Farm development, but would now withdraw this as the PPC had agreed to sign the contract for the transfer of the land. The PPC thanked him, and all present hoped the matter now resolved. Cllr Jeffries proposed that the PPC sign contract, Cllr Bissett seconded; all agreed.


21/22 – 69       Highways

Townsend Pavement update: PPC will review location and apply for funding as CATG have withdrawn offer to fund due to the high cost. PPC will explore other sources of funding, first clarifying the specific part of the pavement for construction. 


21/22 – 70       Community Fund

No matters to discuss

21/22 – 71       Financial matters,

All outstanding cheques / payments made

Charlton Baker (July)                            £12.50 (£10.42 + £2.08 vat)

Charlton Baker (August)                       £12.50 (£10.42 + £2.08 vat)

Clerk’s salary (July)                               £146.61

Clerk’s salary (August)                          £146.41

Clerk’s expenses (July/August)             £18.00

Goodings Accounts                              £90.00 (£75 + £15 vat)


Bank reconciliation at 04.09.21 noted and accepted.

Payments as noted on accounts sheet; accounts approved at last meeting. Cllr Bissett proposed, Cllr Scott seconded, all agreed.

AGAR submission, update on accounts (revision), remaining documentation for approval: Chair Cllr Bissett signed the accounts.


21/22 – 72       Banking matters

Update from the Clerk


21/22 – 73       Committees of the PPC discussed - a member of the public had previously expressed concern at having committees within the PPC, appropriately noting that all members of PPC should be fully informed on all matters, and jointly responsible for making all decisions. In response, Cllr Scott re-iterated that the committees

·         Will not be decision making bodies

·         All decisions will be made by the full PPC

·         Terms of reference will be made public

·         The document for the terms of reference and composition will be included in the full minutes

Cllr Bissett proposed, Cllr Jeffries seconded; all agreed.


21/22 – 74       Advert for new clerk agreed and will be placed on WALC, WCC, PPC websites and Facebook page.


21/22 - 75        Following a letter from the newly elected committee, the Village Trust will be invited to give a presentation at PPC meeting on 2nd November.  


21/22 – 76       Correspondence / circulars received.

·         Letter re overgrown field on HGF land – once transfer made to PPC, this will be addressed

·         Reminder to villagers re not dumping garden waste in hedgerows


21/22 – 77       Green Cutting discussed.

                        All contracted cuts now completed; no further cuts till budget reviewed.


21/22 – 78       Hedge Cutting

                        In budget, will be done as usual between October and February.


Key messages

·         Village Trust coffee morning 26th September

·         Church Bells project by Village Trust

·         Peggies event on 12th September  - all welcome

·         Villagers reminded not to dump in hedgerows

·         Church event – Harvest Lunch – 3rd October

·         There will be a Cricket Club social event in November


Next meeting: Tuesday 2nd November in Poulshot Village Hall.


Meeting closed for confidential discussion.


1          Re next steps for HGF: this issue had been resolved in the main meeting, so no further discussion.

2          Response to email received by the PPC: it was agreed to take no further action, but to monitor future emails and respond as appropriate at that stage.

Meeting closed.


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