Sub-Committees and Terms of Reference

1.         Poulshot Parish Council has resolved to establish sub-committees in the following areas:

a.              Finance and Audit. (F&A)

b.             Health and Safety including Safeguarding and Risk. (H&S)

c.              Governance to include Employment, Complaints and Freedom of Information. (Governance)

d.             Village Maintenance. (Maint)

e.              Highways and Policing. (Highways)

f.              Planning Matters. (Planning)

g.             Higher Green Farm. (HGF)

h.             Communications to include Media, Press, Data Protection and Website. (Communications)

2.         The full council will retain oversight of each sub-committee, but initial investigations and the lead for discussions at Parish Council meetings will be the responsibility of the sub-committee members.All decisions and the authority to make decisions remains with the full Parish Council; sub-committees are not decision making bodies.

3.         The Parish Clerk will retain responsibility to distribute/transfer all appropriate correspondence to the appropriate sub-committee members, copying as necessary to the remaining council members.

4.         Sub-committee members will inform the Clerk who will add items to the full Parish Council meeting agenda as necessary.

5.         Councillors allocated to sub-committees will be volunteers for those committees.The sub-committees will provide a focal point, Councillors should broaden their knowledge to become an informed voice[1].Where training is available councillors should consider requesting a place via the Parish Clerk for Wiltshire Association of Local Councils run courses.All councillors may engage in the subjects covered by a sub-committee in addition to the nominated members.

Terms of Reference

6.         Each sub-committee will consist of between 2 and 4 Parish Councillors.Should the full council agree then non-councillors can be co-opted as members of sub-committees to assist in the effective running of that sub-committee or delivery of their objectives.Co-opted members will not be included in any discussions or decisions that result in regulation or control of the Parishís finances.

Sub Committee Individual Details

7.         Finance and Audit. (F&A)

a.              Authorised signatories for Parish banking services (paper and online).

b.             Review all Receipt and Payment vouchers produced by the Clerk relating to Parish spending.

c.              Receive and make recommendations, to full Parish Council, for all applications for grants from the Community Fund.

d.             Support the Clerk in production of balance sheet and annual accounts for audit.

e.              Draft proposals for the annual precept for discussion by full Parish Council.

f.              Advise on requirement for quotations for all Parish Council expenditure.

g.             Delegated spending powers up to £500 which must then be formally recorded at the next full Parish Council meeting.

h.             Review, not less than annually, the bank accounts and savings accounts of Parish monies, to ensure appropriateness.

i.               Review not less than annually, the Parish Councilís Investment Strategy for the ďCommunity FundĒ.

j.               Review, not less than annually, the Parish Councilís Financial Reserves Policy.

k.             Review and update the Parish Council Financial Regulations Standing Instruction, not less than annually.

l.               The Clerk shall retain the role of Responsible Financial Officer.

8.         Health and Safety including Safeguarding and Risk. (H&S)

a.              Provide a focal point for members of the community to report concerns over H&S or Safeguarding.

b.             Review, not less than bi-annually, the Parish Councilís Health and Safety Policy Statement.

c.              Review, not less than bi-annually, the Parish Councilís Safeguarding Policy Statement.

d.             Advise the full Parish Council on matters relating to H&S or Safeguarding.

e.              Maintain a Parish Council risk register.

f.              Support the Clerk in selection of an appropriate Parish Council insurance policy.


9.         Governance to include Employment, Complaints and Freedom of Information. (Governance)

a.              On behalf of the full Parish Council monitor the employment contract of any Parish Council employee, reporting any required changes or breeches to the full Parish Council.

b.             Draft for approval by the full Parish Council the job specification for any Parish Council employee.

c.              On behalf of the full Parish Council conduct recruitment activities of any employees when required.Make a recommendation to the full council on any new employeesí appointment.

d.             Support the Clerk and respond swiftly to any action, communication or complaint that is communicated to or relating to the Parish Council.

e.              Inform the Parish Councilís insurance provider at the earliest opportunity of any action, communication, or complaint for which they may become involved.

f.              Be the first stage of response in investigating any action, communication or complaint that is brought to the Parish Councilís attention.

g.             Understand the Parish Councilís adoption of the Information Commissionís Freedom of Information (FoI) Publication Scheme.Support the Clerk in answering an FOI requests received by the Parish Council.

h.             Conduct, with the Parish Clerk, an annual appraisal process, to include review of job specification and objectives.This will be the performance review and must be recorded.

i.               Review and recommend the level of reasonable charges that should be raised in answering FoI requests.

10.      Village Maintenance. (Maint)

a.              Provide a focal point for members of the community to report concerns over maintenance issues around the village.Consideration should include, but is not limited to: the Green Gardens, the green, trees, hedges, footpaths, salt bins, play equipment, football goals, gates, stiles fences, et alÖ

b.             Lead on the liaison and provision of the Green Cutting contract.Review performance of the contractor and make recommendations for future contract frequency.

c.              Where maintenance has been identified as being required to lead on establishing an approach to effect a repair.Where necessary this will include seeking quotes to complete the works.

d.             Provide a focal point for members of the community who rent the village allotments.

e.              Instigate swift action for any identified maintenance issue that could lead to injury or harm to any member of the community.

11.      Highways and Policing. (Highways)

a.              Provide a focal point for members of the community to report concerns over highways or policing.

b.             Liaison with Wiltshire Council on all matters of highways (roads), verges and pavements.

c.              Meet with and discuss the works required by the Village Steward.

d.             Lead on any road safety issues as they affect Poulshot village, including speed enforcement, signage, and road markings.

e.              Be the first point of contact for the Community Policing Representative to both receive and pass on matters as they affect Poulshot.

12.      Planning Matters. (Planning)

a.              To read in detail all planning applications that affect Poulshot Parish.

b.             To be a focal point for residents to seek advice or raise concerns with planning applications.

c.              Report at full Parish Council meetings on current planning applications and make recommendations as to how the Parish Council should respond.

d.             Monitor all finalised planning applications to ensure compliance with approved planning.If breeches are identified produce the necessary evidence to support a submission to the Wiltshire Planning Enforcement Officer.

13.      Higher Green Farm. (HGF)This is a substantial and complex planning and wider issue that has impact on the village and its community.This bespoke sub-committee will be the Parish Councilís representatives.

a.              Lead councillors for the review of the proposed planning development, transfer of village green and small parcel of land to the north of the development site.

b.             Liaise with the Parish Councilís solicitors on all matters related to HGF development, the registration of village green or land transfer.

c.              Ensure compliance with all planning conditions related to HGF and associated land.

14.      Communications to include Media, Data Protection and Website. (Communications)

a.              Support the Clerk to manage and monitor the Parish Councilís website, to keep it current and provide important messages for the benefit of the wider community.

b.             Be the Parish Councilís representatives for any media requests or activity as it may affect Parish Council business or Parish activities.

c.              Understand national General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and advise fellow councillors to ensure the Parish Council is compliant.

d.             Review, not less than bi-annually, the Parish Councilís Data Management Policy Statement and check how data held by the Parish Council is stored.

e.              Review, not less than bi-annually, the Parish Councilís Protocol for Remote Meetings.

Sub-Committee Membership

15.      The sub-committees will remain volunteer positions, intended to last for the duration of a councillorís tenure.Some sub-committees will benefit from always including either the Chair, vice-Chair, or both.In these cases, a change in those positions would result in a change to sub-committee membership.



Finance and Audit. (F&A)

Chair (M Davis)

Vice Chair (L Bissett)

C Church

D Scott

Health and Safety including Safeguarding and Risk. (H&S)

Vice Chair (L Bissett)

C Nichols

N Jeffries.

Governance to include Employment, Complaints and Freedom of Information. (Governance)

Chair (M Davis)

Vice Chair (L Bissett)

N Jeffries

Village Maintenance. (Maint)

Chair (M Davis)

T Hues

D Scott

Highways and Policing. (Highways)

C Coles

T Hues

C Church

Planning Matters. (Planning)

T Hues

N Jeffries

D Scott

Higher Green Farm. (HGF)

Chair (M Davis)

Vice Chair (L Bissett)

T Hues

N Jeffries

Communications to include Media, Press, Data Protection and Website. (Communications)

Vice Chair (L Bissett)

C Coles

C Church


[1] Informed Voice Ė a term used to represent a councillor who by dint of either training, or professional experience or additional time reviewing a subject may have a greater level of understanding than other councillors.It does not convey that an individual is professionally qualified or an expert in such matters all councillors remain as volunteers elected to their posts.